CZI Global Voice Travel Grant

We are grateful for the generous support from The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. CZI help includes several travel grants for computational virologists from the Global South.

Overall 4 grants will be provided. Each once of the four recipients will receive a total of $2,250 to enable them to attend the summit (e.g. to cover flights, hotels etc). Recipients are exempt from the conference registration fee.


To submit an application, email us directly at, with the subject “CZI Global Voice Travel Grant”. Please include your updated CV by attaching it to the email as a PDF file. The goal of this grant is to help researches who would otherwise would not be able to, make it to the summit and contribute from their expertise and knowledge. If you are from a country not listed in the above, but you need assistance, please contact us.


The global voice travel grant is available to scientists from The Global South. Generally, this definition excludes: Australia, Canada, the majority of Europe and Russia, Hong Kong, Macau, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, the United States and Taiwan.
Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility.